Wanda Merritt Anthony

Wanda Merritt Anthony

Saturday, April 27, 2013

More on Taking Better Images


I stumbled upon the guy yesterday.  I think he has great ideas on many types of photography.  I like how he shows examples and he had a sense of humor.  

He has a video about event photography that is awesome.  It made me start thinking about branching out from just shooting stock and adding events and portraits to my business.  The events video and many of his others may or may not be too technical for you.  If you want to see more of his videos go to YouTube and search for Jeff Cable.

I've been looking for an effective and reasonably priced way to convert my slides to files.  Right now I'm only interested in converting the slides I had at The Stock Solution.  I want to put them on Pond5 for sale.  A basic flatbed scanner won't yield the resolution I need.  I need at least 2000 dpi scans, but preferably 3000-4000 dpi.  A used dedicated film scanner that will do the job is around a thousand bucks.  Ouch.  I've seen gadgets on Amazon.com that claim to do the job.  When I read the reviews it's clear they just want to digitize family slides for personal use.  I have found companies online that will turn slides into files.  Most are cost prohibitive unless you only have a handful of slides to do.  I did find one company I'm willing to try.  I'll send them a hundred slides to see how it works.  Review to come.  If I like them I'll give out their name and web address.

Keep Shooting; get rid of the crap.

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